Artist of the Month

The Sonoran Arts League “Artist of the Month” submissions and voting are both held
during the monthly General Meetings.   Participating artists submit during the general meeting and must be a League member.

2017 Artist of the Month

Although many art forms have shaped my artistic development; At the age of 70 I began to pursue more deeply my passion for metalsmithing and metal sculpture.
I am fascinated by how fire can make a hard element pliable, reshapes it and allows a new form to emerge. Working with fire and steel keeps me connected to the
elements – to the earth – to spirit.  -  Francine L. Kavanaugh, Metal and Fiber Artist

My earliest memories are holding a crayon trying to stay within the lines of my coloring book and camping with my family.  These two influences inspired my life-long love of nature and exploring creative media.  My college education focused on Fine art degrees in drawing, sculpture and jewelry design/construction from Texas Tech University and the University of Washington.  I have been involved with teaching plus creating jewelry art for several stores and galleries in the Northwest and California for the past 35 years.   I explore my subject matter in gold and silver with touches of copper and gemstones.  The interaction of these materials and a variety of metal working techniques give life to my jewelry art.  My current series focuses on the interaction of man, natural elements, and animals.   My work has been featured in a variety of publications and exhibitions in the Northwest. 
 -  Pat Lown, Fine Jewelry Artist

I have always had a love of wood and woodworking, especially wood with the character in the form of various grain patterns, knots, shapes,
and textures. My first wood projects were rooted in thrift: staining and varnishing naked furniture, as well as refinishing, refurbishing and/or re-purposing
discarded or second hand furniture. 
Ken Ryan, Wood Artist