2020 Board of Directors Election Candidates

The Sonoran Arts League Board of Directors consists of eleven members serving staggered two or three year terms.
Each year a slate of nominees are selected by the Nominating Committee. 

This year's election will be conducted by an independent online voting service. The election opens November 30 and closes December 14, 2020. Each Sonoran Arts League member in good standing will receive voting instructions by email. If an email is not on file members will receive voting instructions by mail.

The following positions will be elected for three-year terms that commence January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2024 unless otherwise noted due to term limits.


Meet the Candidates


Nancy Breiman

I am running for Director of the Sonoran Arts League Board to offer my skills, experience, and knowledge of the business world from working 35 years at IBM and serving as President of the Pinnacle Girls Lacrosse Board of Directors to represent the artists and support the Art League’s mission to evolve and grow, creating success and value for the membership and the community.

The foundation of The Sonoran Arts League is the artist. It is my belief that when the artists are successful, the Arts League as a whole will benefit. I would strive to develop more participation in the in-person and online shows by the artists and to grow our collector base.  The League has many wonderful community activities available and should be leveraged to attract new members, collectors, and volunteers. It is my hope that the artists will give back to the membership and community by volunteering, mentoring, and teaching workshops through the Education Bureau.

As a juried artist member myself, it is my goal to be an advocate of the artists and be a collaborative voice on the board to affect the changes necessary to ensure the continued success of the artists and the Arts League. The League has a tremendous reputation but is still a hidden gem in the hills with a great opportunity to make a bigger impact in the Phoenix area bringing the artistic talent and service to many more. 

Paul Dief

It has been my pleasure to serve as Sonoran Arts League President. This year certainly has thrown us, and everyone else, for quite the loop.  All things considered the league is doing very well.  I would love to have the honor of serving another term.  Among my goals: expanding the veteran’s art program, increasing the financial stability of the league, creating opportunities for members to get involved with public art and most important getting YOU more involved with the league. Let me know how I can help you.

This candidate would be elected for a two year term to commence January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2023.  

Patricia Isaacson

I graduated from college with a degree in Mathematics and worked as a Systems Engineer for IBM in Salt Lake City and later in Chicago as a Systems Rep for Honeywell Information Sytems.  In both jobs my function was to support clients by helping them install and debug systems, develop programs and handle computer problems. 

In the late 1970’s when companies started buying personal computers I saw the need for personal computer consultants and started my own business.  Solving computer problems was an enjoyable challenge and developing systems and writing programs to fill a need became the heart of my business.  It has always been a creative and rewarding vocation for me.  

I supported my computer clients until 2016 when I changed my focus from the Left Brain to the Right Brain.  I now spend my spare time in my studio creating glass art.

I joined the Sonoran Arts League in 2012 and became involved in the Gallery at el Pedregal when it first opened six years ago.  I’m now co-director of the Gallery and spend many hours helping to keep it staffed and running smoothly.  For the past four years I have been on the board and I am currently Secretary.

When I joined the League the office was a small space in Cave Creek and was not open five days per week. Since then there has been growth in many areas: the Veterans program, expansion of the Student Art program, the Gallery at el Pedregal and the monthly exhibits in our new Center for the Arts.  We are always searching for new opportunities for our members to display and sell their work.

We also have members who are art appreciators and supporters of the arts.  We encourage them to get involved and to lend their expertise to help us become a better organization.  We are a volunteer-run organization and volunteering is a good way to meet other artists and take advantage of all the League has to offer.  It has certainly enriched my life.

We have talented and experienced candidates running for the board this year.  I hope to be able to serve my last two eligible years as a director. 

This candidate would be elected for a two year term to commence January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2023.  

Linda Lindus

I joined the League to become part of a local art community and to have an outlet to give back through volunteerism. In addition to being a Gallery Manager, League committees where I am active include the Education, Instructors’ Bureau, Stampede and MAR COM.
My broad-based professional experience includes service on a variety of non-profit boards and development of strategic plans for non-profits. I believe that these experiences will make me a strong contributor on the League’s board.
Professionally, prior to “retirement,” I managed publications, online vehicles and advertising outlets throughout the United States. It involved development of budgets for various business units, each with unique challenges and needs.  
As the League moves into its next development stage, I see a need for strong budgeting, fund-raising and programs that serve the broad-based artist membership. At the same time we need to build our community outreach in a manner that supports education and serves our members.
With many diverse member organizations communication is key to serving members.  The Sonoran Arts League needs more vehicles for communication because without our fellow artists engagement, we become weak in mission and vision. I would like to see the Board regularly talk to members in a format where members can ask questions, whether it be about finance, plans, or Board activities. And to make suggestions so we can better plan to meet their needs.
We need your input for a stronger future.

Patrick O'Grady

This grassroots - membership led, non-profit has stayed true to its mission. “Actively advancing art, artist, & art education” The continued success of the Art’s League over the decades is due to dedicated volunteers. 

I have been honored to serve the last two years as one of the directors. I wish to especially thank our past president,Stephanie Newman, and our past Executive Director, Pat Bell-Demers.They shared their time and energy to grow our mission, and lay the foundation for future success, of the League. Also from our last Board of Directors; Jean Anderson,Valarie Hildebrand, Marty Roop, Robin Ray, and Tamsin Wolff, all brought passion, wisdom, and talent, to further the organization.

As this year comes to a close our membership is tasked with selecting five individuals to fill the directors roles on the board. I look forward to bringing on three new very talented members to serve. Nancy Breiman, Linda Lindus, Joanie Wolter. Pat Isaacson, our very capable current Secretary, also deserves our vote. As I see it, that leaves Paul Dief, and myself to fill the last open seat.

Our board, and membership as a whole, benefits when we find the time to visit with one, to interact and to share our vision, to truly “be a part of the arts”.

Joanie Wolter

Joanie Wolter was born and raised in Southern California and lived there until she retired from teaching public school for 37 years.   She and her husband, Charlie, moved to Sedona in 2007 the day after she retired and lived there for 10 years before moving to North Scottsdale.  It was in the art-rich city of Sedona at the Sedona Art Center where she found the World of Art and she has never looked back.  After trying many mediums, she found that working with clay was something she loved.  Ceramics was her first love until she learned to sculpt with fiber clay and developed her whimsical style of sculpting and found her voice.

Joanie did a lot of volunteering at the Sedona Art Center.  Over her 10 years there she worked in the gallery, was the volunteer coordinator, helped run the ceramics studio, served on the Board, and even did their yardwork. 

After feeling competent creating with fiber Clay, she started teaching classes at her studio and in cities throughout the southwest and California.   

She and Charlie moved to North Scottsdale in 2017, choosing a home within the HITH boundaries so they could participate in this signature event.  Because Joanie loves to participate and help-out, she started volunteering for events at the Sonoran Arts League regularly.  She also helped in the office on a regular basis.  This last year, she volunteered to serve on the HITH committee and became Co-Chair, a trial by fire!!!  She is also on the Art and Foodie Stampede committee and has the responsibility to sign up galleries who would like to participate. 

Joanie became interested in running for the Board last year and would like to serve to help create and implement more defined Bylaws and Guidelines for the organization.  She is not getting any younger, so she thought she should get on the ballot sooner rather than later, and she would be honored to serve on the Sonoran Arts League Board.