Art Contest - Grades K-12

PRIZES / AWARDS                                                 JUDGES
$30 cash award or Free art workshop                      The art judges will be provided by the Sonoran Arts League

THEME:  “Honoring Those Who Serve”
Create artwork expressing your thanks and appreciation to someone who has made a difference in your life and
help honor those who serve in our communities and country.
Identify “WHO” inspired your artwork:
¨ Doctor / Nurse / Healthcare Worker
¨ Military / Veteran
¨ Firefighter / Police Officer / Civil Service
¨ Educator / Art Teacher
¨ Sports / Athletics / Mentor / Coach
¨ Parent / Grandparent / Caregiver
This is an opportunity to paint, draw, manipulate paper, weave, or collage - it’s your choice. 
Take all of your favorite art techniques and materials to combine them into a work of self-expression.


Follow directions carefully and provide all information requested on the online registration. 
You must submit your artwork by September 20, 2020.  Late entries will not be judged.
Step 1:  Pick your category and Create Art
Step 2:  Photograph your artwork (it is recommended a high res image of your artwork be submitted or semi professional photograph of your artwork).
Step 3:  Register your entry online.   

CLICK HERE to Register Online