Artist of the Month

The Sonoran Arts League “Artist of the Month” submissions and voting are both held
during the monthly General Meetings.   Participating artists submit during the general meeting and must be a League member.

2018 Artist of the Month

"Dadra Hunt, aka dhSeadragon, is a metal sculptor.  Her unique wildlife art and custom pet portraits are extremely detailed and dimensional.  Using memories, photographs, and mental images formed from feelings or impressions, Dadra forges her metal works.  Each one-of-a-kind piece  is hand cut and shaped, then layered, welded, and colored.  Often she incorporates items such as stained glass,  feathers, semi precious stones, and crystals to enhance her sculptures. Her finished works are not only true-to-life, but convey a strong sense of character.  This is achieved through the positioning of a piece, the expression on a face, and depth from the textures and layering of the metal." - Dadra Hunt   

"I am a self taught artist. Creativity in some form has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. I've worked in several forms of artistic expression, sculpting, watercolor, pastels, and acrylics.  I currently find my passion leaning toward fluid acrylic painting. Using acrylic glazing and pouring techniques my paintings have taken on an almost organic feel.  These techniques are giving me a much anticipated creative "Spark". A personal release of enthusiasm and creativity I haven't felt in years. I have only touched the surface of the possibilities this medium has to offer.  I look forward to exploring and expressing my visions on canvas and paper for all to enjoy!" - Valerie West 

"There is something magical about forming hot (1800 degrees) steel with a hammer. The hammer becomes an extension of his arm as he works the pliable metal. His hammers range from little 1-pounders up to a 110-pound "BigBlu" power hammer.  Steel can take on an amazing variety of textures as it is heated in the forge and worked with various hammers.  Art is everywhere."  - Paul Diefenderfer