Artist of the Month

The Sonoran Arts League “Artist of the Month” submissions and voting are both held
during the monthly General Meetings.   Participating artists submit during the general meeting and must be a League member.

2019 Artist of the Month

"I love creating new pieces hoping that people will also love them.  It brings me great joy when I hear them say that they love my pieces. I also enjoy teaching others how to bead. My main focus is beaded jewelry and wire-wrapped gemstones.  I also am making small beaded jewelry boxes and other nick-nacks." Rose Balazs 

"Jewelry signifies my passion for life!  I am always excited to see how stones combined with textures, and different metals tell a different story! That is what I set out to do each time I create a new design.  A new story is told with each piece I make? and I love meeting with the people who look at my jewelry, so I can share that story with them!  I want the people who wear my designs to be as excited as I am each time they put it on!" Beth Benowich

The art of fused glass has been Jacki Cohen’s artistic passion for more than a decade. From her studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jacki creates acclaimed pieces attracting clientele nationwide. Her creations are a delight in color and composition, a testament to her enthusiasm and skill in working with glass as an artistic medium. The scope of Jacki’s work is both functional and decorative consisting of bowls, plates, wall hangings, unique gifts and home decor. From large scale installments to cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, Jacki’s contemporary pieces add beauty, value and individual character to any home or office. She also offers a special collection of Judaica artwork and is available for custom designs.


Soonthorn Cheevasit is from Tempe, AZ. Soonthorn says "he is an artist who likes to paint with acryllics in the old country style."  His painting is entitled "Windmill in the Country." 

"As children, our job is to play. Through play, we discover the world around us by engaging in multisensory experiences. On our path to adulthood, we tend to become submerged in the day-to-day demands of work and relationships and often lose sight of the joy of discovery. I was smitten by the magic of photography the first time I set foot in the dark room. Sometimes I take pleasure in capturing the moment for its form or color. Other times I try to expand the boundaries of reality. In recent years, I have stepped out from behind the lens to create mixed media pieces. Returning to the multisensory experiences of youth, discovering a new technique with each piece.....what joy!"  Judith Rothenstein-Putzer

DR. Aime Avniel is a retired Executive/Scientist, born in Paris, France presently residing in Scottsdale, AZ.  Aime is  using his technical background to indulge in non-traditional woodturning and replicating Greco-Roman antics in the "Open segment turning techniques".  As a late addition Aime also is engraving eggs' shells and ornaments in the Faberge style.