Center for the Arts Pop Up Shows

Monthly “Pop-Up Show” 2019 Calendar                  


January-February:  "Sparkle and Flash" Show
For artists who create in all mediums:
For Jewelry Artists and Photography Artists  
Submission deadline:  Jan 2
Opening Reception:  Jan 11 (Fri. 4pm – 7pm)
Show runs:  Jan 11 – Feb 8                                                                                                                      


March-April:  "Jury" Show
For artists who create in all mediums: 
Submission deadline:  Mar. 1
Opening Reception:  April 12 (Fri. 4pm – 7pm)
Show runs:  April 6 – April 29                               

March-May: Drawing & Printmaking “Pop-Up Show”                                                        
This show is open to 2-D and 3-D artists – who specialize in drawing, etching and printmaking techniques.
Submission deadline: April 22
Show runs: May 3 - May 28 
Opening Reception: May 3 (4pm -7pm)