Be A Part Of The Arts !
             artist Pamela Mangelsdorf

The Sonoran Arts League is a non-profit, volunteer-based arts service organization dedicated to actively advancing art, artists and art education.  Comprised of more than 650 artists / art enthusiasts, the League presents exceptional programs for people of all ages, experience and interest.  Artists practice in multiple disciplines: - sculptors - painters - potters - weavers - sketchers - jewelers - and artists who create with glass, batik, mosaic, gourds, pastel, pencil and photography - nearly every medium known.

Artists and art enthusiasts gravitate to natural beauty for inspiration, and gather tightly to form organizations that nurture continuing education, discussion and art making.

                   artist Curt Mattson

The Sonoran Arts League members tirelessly serve our community by introducing and sometimes reintroducing people to art and art education.  

Promoting art, artists and art education!