Community Volunteers (public)

We encourage the involvement of volunteers in all areas of our organization.  Volunteering is the perfect way to feel connected to your community.  Our organization welcomes volunteers who are amateur artists, professional artists and art enthusiasts of all kinds.  Our volunteers
offer their time and support in an effort to help our organization advance the artistic awareness in our communities.  Organizations like ours cannot function without the energy and input of our volunteers. 
Here is a list of opportunities for community volunteers (individuals and groups):
  • Hidden in the Hills – November 
  • Holiday Artisan Market – December
  • The Gallery at el Pedregal – Year-round
  • Empty Bowl Project, Making Bowls – Year-round
  • April for the Arts "annual fundraiser" - April
  • ARTREACH Community Studios - Year-round
  • Youth Art, Scholarships and Programs – Year-round
  • Veteran Art Programs – Year-round
  • Professional Services:  marketing, communications, photography & video, etc. – Year-round
  • League office support and fundraising – Year-round 

To “Be A Part Of The Arts” please contact the League office
480-575-6624 or info@sonoranartsleague.org

League Volunteers (Members)

Working with your fellow League members is one of the biggest advantages of belonging to the League - networking and building resources. This is where you meet and get to know the other members - whether artists or those with an interest in the arts.  

Volunteering with the League is one of the biggest membership benefits.
Here is a list of our current volunteer opportunities for League members:
Volunteers (1-2 people) needed to write Thank You notes to people who donate monies or goods to the League.  Needed thank you notes could go out every two weeks.    Time spent: 1/2 to 2 hours per month.
General Meeting VOLUNTEERS
Volunteers (3-4 people) needed for the General Meeting Committee.  It would involve setting up and tearing down the table, chairs: arranging food for the monthly General Meetings. As part of this committee, you would schedule artists for demonstrations, or speakers for the meetings. All arrangements would be approved by the Executive Director and/or the President of 
League.      Time involved:  4 hours per month
Artist of the Month Committee VOLUNTEERS:
Volunteers (2 people) needed to set up the artwork brought in for the General Meetings, getting the details of the artist and the piece of art brought in, setting out the ballots, counting the ballots and announcing the monthly winner. Taking photos of the monthly winner and maintaining a log of winners and the pieces for each month.   Time involved: 3 hours per month
Pop-Up Show – Artwork Hanging VOLUNTEERS:
Volunteers needed ( 4-6 people) to help set up and take down the monthly Art Shows at the League Center. Each show would require 4-6 hours of time each month.                                     Time involved: 5 hours per month
League Office Support VOLUNTEERS:
Volunteers needed ( 4 people) to help assist the League office at the League Center.  Duties include:  greeting visitors, filing and mailing, organization of center and storage, light cleaning, hanging artwork, youth art framing, etc.       Time involved: 8 hours per month
Distribution VOLUNTEERS:
Volunteers needed ( 2 people) to help assist the League office in distribution of collateral materials, flyers and programs throughout various of visitor centers, Towns and Municipalities, etc  -  throughout Cave Creek, Carefree, N. Scottsdale, etc                                   Time involved: 8 hours per month
Veteran Workshop Asst. Instructor VOLUNTEERS:
Volunteers needed ( 2 people) to help assist the Veteran Instructor on Thursday mornings from 10am to 1pm.    Help with room set up, art supplies, light instruction, assist veterans with activities, etc.   May sign up monthly or weekly.    Time involved:4-8 hours per month

We encourage you to get involved either for a day/afternoon or serve on a committee.  Help make a difference in support of the arts.
To “Become more active in the League or serve on a committee” please contact the League office
480-575-6624 or info@sonoranartsleague.org

If you are not a member why not join today?  Simply click here